From ancient wonders to Hollywood movie stars, the Basilica Cistern has seen it all. Come explore the sunken movie location and the largest (and most atmospheric) of several hundred ancient cisterns that lie hidden under the city of old Istanbul

Built in 532, this underground cistern was also featured in the James Bond movie  From Russia with Love . Hollywood producers were clearly captivated by the atmosphere of this ancient place, and now you can experience it yourself.

Walk along the raised platforms and soak up the sights – without soaking up any of the water! You’ll be standing safe and dry among 336 illuminated marble and granite columns rising from the water. The Byzantine architecture down here has stood the test of time.

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One of Istanbul's splendid historical buildings is the Basilica Cistern which was built in the 5th century. Also known as the house of the Medusa. This large underground ancient cistern has 336 columns rising from the water.


€ 36.- per person


30 minutes

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