Tours in Istanbul

Een Unieke Istanbul Ervaring


Our tours are all created by a local expert. 

Bike Tours

A sportive and funny way to explore Istanbul.

Private Guide

A great experience and the best way to really dig in to a new city or country.

If you are willing to make a new friend on your travels and trust them to make your time together special, then you’ll likely find that hiring a guide is completely worth the money.



Life is an experience by itself already. We assure you unforgettable lifetime experinces with a unique way.

Bosphorus with a yacht, a Turkish night? Or way more options.. Let’s see what’s the best for you!


Here you will find some useful information about our amazing city Istanbul.

What you must eat before you leave, the museums that you may want to go, a bit history and a bit fun!

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The real Istanbul experience

With a Dutch guide in Istanbul, who speaks your own language, you will discover much more and the real of this history and culture full metropolis